Celebrity Stylist Michele Russo shows off new hair styles

Celebrity stylist Michele Russo and photographer Salvatore Favia show off new styles for 2017. For this photo-shoot, stylist Michele Russo was inspired by the beauty of nature to highlight the elegance and high fashion of the models and their unique styles. Michele’s salon “New Style Acconciature” is frequented by models, celebrities, and he has done brand-name-shoots and runway shows. He is known for his creative chic looks and is a favorite for designers. He is the to-go-to stylist in Italy.  Continue reading “Celebrity Stylist Michele Russo shows off new hair styles”


The Next Hotspot in Australia – KU DE TA

KU DE TA continues to build its reputation as the next hotspot in Perth, Australia. When it comes to high designs Pë​rparim Rama of the 4M Group knows how to make a statement. Recognized as being one of the world’s best designers, the 4M Group creates such beautiful statement spaces enhancing all the elements of interior design and architecture.  Continue reading “The Next Hotspot in Australia – KU DE TA”

Amina Zhaman: Female directors take Hollywood

Amina Zhaman is a well-known female director that could potentially lead Hollywood to new success by the Hollywood industry standards. Given her global reach, and the opportunities she has created as a female director, Amina Zhaman hopes to lead to positive change. “You have to learn to do everything yourself,” she says for Hollywood World Magazine. “I have learned that the key to becoming successful in the film industry is humility. You must have the willingness to do your job no matter what, and do so with an excitement in your voice and a smile on your face. People will remember your attitude the most,” she added.  Continue reading “Amina Zhaman: Female directors take Hollywood”