KG to release debut album

Born in Monterey Bay California but raised in Jacksonville Florida, Kevin Guillory Jr. better known as KG grew up with music instilled in him. His mother, Brenda Guillory, who was a singer in church and his father, Kevin Guillory Sr., which was an all around entertainer (dancer, singer, rapper) makes perfect sense why KG has a natural talent and passion for entertainment. Growing up in Jacksonville was a great life lesson for KG. Continue reading “KG to release debut album”


Dark Child – Zurich’s Most Wanted DJ

Switzerland’s most popular and most wanted DJ, DJ Dark Child earned his reputation for his creativity, energy, and entertainment experience he brings to the crowd. He started DJing in 2007. Named “Most Wanted DJ” in Macedonia, DJ Dark Child is one of the fastest growing in Europe for his popularity and success.  Continue reading “Dark Child – Zurich’s Most Wanted DJ”

Hollywood Insider: Mallie B. young actress on the rise

Mallian L. Butler, AKA Mallie B., is an 11 year American Actress who is based in Los Angeles, CA. Not only is she a professionally trained Actress, but she is also a Singer, Model and Writer. She has been an active Performance Artist since the age of 4. Her primary residence is in Dallas, TX which is where she spends her down time.  Continue reading “Hollywood Insider: Mallie B. young actress on the rise”

Hollywood Insider: Exclusive Interview with Josh Mak

Australian indie-band “Cynation” released new music video “Dancing Devil”. The music video itself has a cinematic feel and it depicts society’s attitude toward objectifying women. Comprised of Josh Mak (vocals and guitar), Simon Lai (guitar), Andrew Teo (bass) and Aaron Mak (artistic director/videography) Cynation is gearing up for their next EP and touring next year.  Continue reading “Hollywood Insider: Exclusive Interview with Josh Mak”

Michael Moloi’s New Video, “Spirits, Inner selves awakened”

Michael Moloi is one of the powerful artists in dance and performance industry, whose love for dance has led to a very successful career. Choreographer, Art Director, Performing Artist and Designer Tumelo Michael Moloi was born in 1981 in the notorious apartheid-era township of Katlehong, south-east of Johannesburg, South Africa. Michael displayed an amazing talent for sports, arts and dance at a very young age. He began his dance career at age 16 as a member of the highly acclaimed South African dance company Via Katlehong. Michael and the dance troupe performed a mix of the street dance forms known as pantsula (South African town dance) and gumboot (mine workers).  Continue reading “Michael Moloi’s New Video, “Spirits, Inner selves awakened””

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Željko Božić Reframing Self Esteem and Self Worth with “Letter”

Željko Božić is one of the most awarded Slovenian dancers and choreographers. His work has won over hundred titles in national, European and world events organized by various Dance Organizations and festivals. IDO (International Dance Organization) awarded him with Hall of fame award for Outstanding Choreography Achievements. Continue reading “Željko Božić Reframing Self Esteem and Self Worth with “Letter””

Angelina Green: 13-Year-Old Singer Earns Golden Buzzer From Heidi Klum

Miami teen Angelina Green performs power ballad “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders. All four judges were completely speechless as soon as Anglina started to sing and she got the crowd cheering. Angelina Green the 13-Year-Old Singer earns the Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum on America’s Got Talent 2017. Heidi said that “she loved it so much that she is going to hit the gold buzzer”. Watch her live performance on the video below.  Continue reading “Angelina Green: 13-Year-Old Singer Earns Golden Buzzer From Heidi Klum”

Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ is going viral

Wiz Khalifa’s music video “See You Again” went viral on the internet. The video featuring singer Charlie Puth hit nearly 2.9 billion views on YouTube. The song was featured in the 2015 popular action film “Furious 7”.

“I’m super excited and grateful to everyone who supported the song and video on YouTube, and happy to inspire and impact so many lives,” rapper Khalifa said in a statement. Continue reading “Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ is going viral”