Joni Latifi on Realistic Movie Performances

Truly great actors are born, but it takes training and commitment to become recognized in the entertainment industry. It took great ambition, talent and the ability to create characters with depth for actor Joni Latifi to find his way to Hollywood. Currently pursuing acting at the renowned Stella Adler Academy in New York, he hopes to hone in his skills and talents that will pave his way to a successful career ahead.  Continue reading “Joni Latifi on Realistic Movie Performances”


Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ is going viral

Wiz Khalifa’s music video “See You Again” went viral on the internet. The video featuring singer Charlie Puth hit nearly 2.9 billion views on YouTube. The song was featured in the 2015 popular action film “Furious 7”.

“I’m super excited and grateful to everyone who supported the song and video on YouTube, and happy to inspire and impact so many lives,” rapper Khalifa said in a statement. Continue reading “Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ is going viral”

Elle Fanning on Meeting Robert De Niro on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

American actress Elle Fanning had some pretty hilarious stories to tell on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Elle Fanning talks about her family selling the house she grew up in and reveals what happened when legendary actor Robert De Niro made a last-minute visit to their house for Easter dinner with his family. Continue reading “Elle Fanning on Meeting Robert De Niro on Jimmy Kimmel Live!”