Joni Latifi on Realistic Movie Performances

Truly great actors are born, but it takes training and commitment to become recognized in the entertainment industry. It took great ambition, talent and the ability to create characters with depth for actor Joni Latifi to find his way to Hollywood. Currently pursuing acting at the renowned Stella Adler Academy in New York, he hopes to hone in his skills and talents that will pave his way to a successful career ahead.  Continue reading “Joni Latifi on Realistic Movie Performances”


Laura Linda Bradley’s Stunning Performance in hit Amazon series “Laura”

Emmy winning actress Laura Linda Bradley has captured the hearts of stage and film audiences alike with her range of roles and diverse characters. Likely best known for her witty and charming sense of humor that she brings to her comedic roles. Laura has also created a number of complex and deeply moving charters in her career, including Lori in the 2015 Emmy winning film, Surviving An Active Shooter.

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Talented Actress Shea Madison lands role in “The Adventures of Cheap Chad”

Shea Madison – Shea is very excited to be joining Victor on “The Adventures of Cheap Chad” her first entirely improvised feature-length film! She is originally from Orlando, Florida, but attended Circle in the Square Theatre School in 2014, and graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a BA in Theatre in 2015. Recent Theatre credits include: JULIUS CAESAR (Portia/Off-Broadway), A PHILOSOPHICAL PROTEST (Phoebe/Off-Broadway), MEDEA (Nurse/Off-Off-Broadway), BARE: A POP OPERA (Ivy/Regional), and 4000 MILES (Amanda/Regional). Continue reading “Talented Actress Shea Madison lands role in “The Adventures of Cheap Chad””

Aaron Mak reveals the best principles to becoming a successful filmmaker

Hollywood World: What was the most significant decision in shooting your current music documentary “How the devil dances”?

Aaron Mak: The biggest thing I had to consider when crafting the story was adapting to the documentary-style form – my prior experience was in short films, so I had to adopt a slightly different approach. Continue reading “Aaron Mak reveals the best principles to becoming a successful filmmaker”

Michael Moloi’s New Video, “Spirits, Inner selves awakened”

Michael Moloi is one of the powerful artists in dance and performance industry, whose love for dance has led to a very successful career. Choreographer, Art Director, Performing Artist and Designer Tumelo Michael Moloi was born in 1981 in the notorious apartheid-era township of Katlehong, south-east of Johannesburg, South Africa. Michael displayed an amazing talent for sports, arts and dance at a very young age. He began his dance career at age 16 as a member of the highly acclaimed South African dance company Via Katlehong. Michael and the dance troupe performed a mix of the street dance forms known as pantsula (South African town dance) and gumboot (mine workers).  Continue reading “Michael Moloi’s New Video, “Spirits, Inner selves awakened””

“Plates on Fire” TV Show Announces Debut Date

The first 10 episodes of Season 1 of the much-talked-about TV Show “Plates on Fire” is set to debut on many known US networks this October – December 2017. The show is created by Joe Viramontez. Produced by award-winning filmmakers Greta and Vilma Zenelaj of Colored Films, the show will soon unveil its celebrity judges. It is worth the wait.  Continue reading ““Plates on Fire” TV Show Announces Debut Date”

Critically acclaimed director Augusto MaK on his new film “Fireflies in the Night”

Augusto MaK (Markos Garcia) is an Australian filmmaker, critically acclaimed credits to his name include producer, director and writer. Having made films at the prestigious Sydney Film School, where MaK specializes in Producer/Production, he has established himself as one of the best newcomers and visionary filmmaker.

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Christopher Torretto to play in “Emergency: LA” TV Series 

Christopher Torretto is a LA-based professional actor. Growing up in Northern Ireland, Torretto overcame hardship and a vicious attack. Realizing acting as his source of talent and fuel Torretto found a new dream in his life.

Christopher Torretto has completed 23 films in 13 months and has been cast in a major TV drama series “Emergency:LA”. In Emergency:LA Torretto plays  Daniel Flynn from the LAPD.  He also recently played in the movie Sparrowhawk, in the role of an ex UDR officer.  Continue reading “Christopher Torretto to play in “Emergency: LA” TV Series “