Chris Krause on his passion for acting and exploring the creative process

Chris Krause is a native Michigander who moved to NYC almost three years ago. He’s a graduate of Central Michigan University and The Atlantic Acting School’s evening conservatory.

Some of his recent work includes playing in the role of “Young Man” in Innocence, Sonder at The Players Theatre, working as a stunt performer at The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, and performing in Walk Hard at the Metropolitan Playhouse. Some of his film credits include Prom King 2010 by Christopher Schaap, and UOY by Jerry Aquino.

Chris would like to thank his friends and family, and his girlfriend Lauren for all their love and support.

Chris has also won an Honorable Mention Best Actor Award for his portrayal of the Young Man by Top Shorts Online Film Festival. Starring Miranda Jean Larson, Chris Krause, Mikayla Desroches, “Innocence” is the winner of “Best Short Film” at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York, and “Best Indie Film” at Top Shorts.

Hollywood Insider Interview with Award Winning Actor Chris Krause

Hollywood World: First of all, congratulations to the “Innocence” team for receiving the win for Best Short Film in New York. How did you feel at the time when you found out?

Chris Krause: I was really excited to see a short film that deals with important subject matter getting the recognition it deserves, and just really psyched for Mike and Miranda because they worked their asses off to make this project happen.

Hollywood World: How did you come into acting career?

Chris Krause: I was originally an art major and I decided I wanted to make less money, so I opted for acting.

Hollywood World: What makes a good scene partner? With which actor did you like working with?

Chris Krause: I really only interacted with Miranda, and I did like working with her, so that answer is easy. I think to have a good scene partner though, there has to be solid base of trust. Especially when we’re dealing with intense material like Innocence is. And once you have that trust, then you can really start trying to open yourself up to that other person and really follow your impulses. Miranda and I worked a lot to make sure we both felt comfortable so we could best tell the story she wanted to tell.

Hollywood World: Can you please tell us about your upcoming film /festivals /projects?

Chris Krause: I’m currently performing in Wolfbane Theatre Company’s Romeo and Juliet, playing the role of Tybalt. I will also be appearing in episode four of the new Lifetime series YOU starring Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail.

Hollywood World: What have you learned from the directors that you have worked with throughout your career?

Chris Krause: I think the biggest thing I’ve taken is how to really keep a cool head in situations that can be very hectic. Managing the craziness that is a set, and then also being able to make your actors feel safe and comfortable to do their work takes a lot of multitasking, and watching how directors approach this in different ways has taught me a lot about how to read people. The best directors are great at that.

Hollywood World: What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting?

Chris Krause: Convincing my girlfriend that I’m not too nerdy to date. It’s been an almost three year role commitment at this point, I think I should get some kind of award for that.

Hollywood World: What do you think is most important in the field?

Chris Krause: Trust. Respecting your scene partner, and a sense of play. All the different methods we study as actors are essentially just trying to get us to the same mindset we had as five year olds when we could commit to a set of imagined circumstances 100%. We need to keep playing and exploring always.

Hollywood World: What was your most memorable role? Why?

Chris Krause: I performed in an original play called Sonder at The Players Theatre, and that role I really enjoyed because it pushed me to emotional depths that I hadn’t often had to explore. My role in Innocence was definitely memorable as well, because I had previously trained as an advocate for survivors of sexual violence. So I essentially had done hours and hours of research on the kind of predator I would be playing before I even knew I would audition for the role. It was a situation where previous life experience lined up perfectly with the role I was auditioning for.

Innocence Screenshot - Chris Krause
Innocence Screenshot – Chris Krause (Photo courtesy of Mike Cicchetti and Miranda Jean Larson)

Hollywood World: Any tips about how to be a successful actor?

Chris Krause: To be honest, I’m constantly exploring ways that keep me engaged and able to deal with the struggle of trying to make a living off your art. What I’ve found that really helps me is putting aside some time every week to do something creative, even if it’s just reading some scripts with friends. Once you decide to act for your profession, it becomes remarkably hard to find time to actually act, since most of your free time between gigs is spent working survival jobs to pay rent. Making time for creativity becomes very important.

Hollywood World: What do you want to be remembered for in life? What valuable lessons have you learned that helped you become the person you are today?

Chris Krause: Ideally, I want to be remembered for telling good stories. Acting is story-telling, and ever since I could remember, I loved stories. I loved hearing them, I loved telling them, and now, I love being one part that helps bring a story to life, be it on stage or on screen. When you find a good book, movie, or play, for a little while it transports you to another world. You forget your own wants and problems and immerse yourself in this wonderful fiction, and sometimes this fiction even helps you learn something about yourself. If I can help do that for people, I would be very happy.

As for valuable life lessons? Always pee before getting on the subway. If a restaurant doesn’t have dessert it’s not a good restaurant, and never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Hollywood World: What’s next?

Chris Krause: I’m about to open Romeo and Juliet for Wolfbane Theatre Company in Virginia, playing Tybalt. I also choreographed the fight sequences for this production, so I’m very excited about that. My episode of YOU should premiere sometime this fall, and I’m actually starting plans to begin work on my own independent film project. Aside from that, I’ll probably be perusing the next big fantasy novel, or spending my time debating various nerd related topics with friends.


*Cover Photo Credit: Chris Krause – Actor “Young Man” in Innocence (Jordan Matter Photography)


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