People of Extraordinary Talent: Hollywood Insider Interview with Director Mrika Krasniqi

Acclaimed Filmmaker and Entrepreneur Mrika Kraniqi is considered one of most original, bright and talented filmmakers in New York. When she is not making award-winning films, she is busy organizing Film Festivals, Fashion Shows, International Screenwriting Competitions, that remind us the hard work behind talent and success.

As an extraordinary artist with international success, Mrika Krasniqi dominates the world of art and culture today. Krasniqi is the winner of “Woman of the Year” by US Congress, “Best Human Artist” by the European Community of Jewish Artists in Paris, France, “Best Director” in Germany, “Best Production” in Poland, “Best Organizer” by One World, and “Ambassador for Peace” by the Universal Peace Federation, just to name a few.

I am passionate about creating films and making art because I believe each artist has a unique voice to express themselves. The idea behind creating the International Filmmaker Festival of New York was to bring together talents from around the world, and to create a platform where filmmakers can come together, and bring their ideas of collaboration and creativity to a whole new level. This year, we received 500 submissions at IFFNY and over 2,000 at the International Screenwriting Competitions. These great events that I have been blessed to organize and create, give room to many new stars and new talent to come to the forefront of the artistic community,” stated Award-Winning Filmmaker and Organizer of IFFNY, Mrika Krasniqi.

Director Mrika Krasniqi, Photo by Ilir Rizaj Photography

In 2002 Mrika Krasniqi founded her company Nil Production Corporate, and in 2014 she opened the New York branch. She has organized several successful events on an annual basis since 2012, starting with Albanian Film Week of New York, now known as the prestigious International Filmmaker Festival of New York. The 7th Edition of IFFNY was held at the famous Kaufman Astoria Studios, the original home of Paramount Pictures.

The International Filmmaker Festival of New York is designed to advance the film culture and is open to all established and aspiring filmmakers from around the world. I am thrilled that the festival has gained world-wide popularity for its high-quality show, the Red Carpet experience, Awards Gala and the VIP presence during the opening ceremony. The 5-day program from May 25-29, 2018, brought to New York internationally acclaimed guests, dignitaries and ambassadors from various embassies/consulates, senators, and special guest from the World Jewish Congress. I am very happy to see my festival grow each year and reach another level of success, added Mrika Krasniqi, CEO of Nil Production Corporate.

In cinematography Mrika Krasniqi has cooperated with international film studios, including ZoneX, Imagine-Picture, IDFA, Nil Production, and National Geographic.

As filmmaker and businesswoman, Krasniqi has used her influence to have an impact on humanitarian projects – social issues, human rights, environment and women rights. As co-founder of Different NGO her projects have highlighted human rights, anti-domestic violence, anti-trafficking of human beings, in cooperation with USAID, UNDP, OSCE, US Embassy, etc.

As an award-winning filmmaker, Mrika Krasniqi has been a candidate of several international events and highly acclaimed film festivals including Cannes, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Zagreb, Tirana, Prishtina, Greece, Poland, Italy, Bosnia, etc.

Mrika Krasniqi is a member of the Universal Peace Federation and she was honored with “Ambassador for Peace” title, as well as “Best Human Artist” by the European Community of Jewish Artists in Paris, France for my humanitarian and filmmaker role in support of Israel and strengthening the Jewish-American-Albanian relationships.

Mrika Krasniqi has also used her role and influence as a successful and extraordinary filmmaker in support of the Jewish community. Mrika Krasniqi’s documentary “World’s Noblemen” winner of “Best International Social Documentary” is in solidarity with Israel, bringing the Jewish story to the world, how the Albanians in Kosovo rescued every single Jew during the Holocaust. The extraordinary history of rescue in Albania has been a unique story, making Albania the only country in Europe during occupation with more Jews within its borders at the end of WWII, then at the beginning of the war.

When I think of the suffering that the Jewish community had to go through during the Holocaust, I think of never again should history repeat such atrocities. With my documentary “World’s Noblemen” I wanted to show the world the resilience of Israel and its wonderful people, and to tell about BESA, a wonderful Albanian virtue, code of honor, which shows the great Albanian hospitality. I am an active supporter of Israel, and I have high respect for the Jewish Community, which is dedicated to peace, prosperity, democracy and advancing our human kind,” added Mrika Krasniqi, winner of Ambassador for Peace and Woman of the Year by U.S. Congress.

Hollywood World June Cover_Mrika Krasniqi
Photo by Avni Selmani
Award-Winning Filmmaker Mrika Krasniqi, Festival Director of IFFNY, Kaufman Astoria Studios, May 25, 2018, Photo by Innovation Media New York, Ivan Morales

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