Renowned Photographer Ivan Morales with his Iconic Photographs

Renowned Photographer and Videographer Ivan Morales is the man behind many iconic projects and VIP events. He has a  dynamic 25-year sales and marketing career reflecting pioneering experience in the computer and marketing industries. He remains on the cutting-edge, driving new business through key accounts and establishing strategic partnerships and dealer relationships to increase business development and channel revenue. He currently serves as the General Manager of Innovation Media Productions, and will be joining the team of IFFNY Festival this year again for its 7th Edition during the Red Carpet and Awards Gala, held at the Kaufman Astoria Studios, May 25-29, 2018 in New York.

I am proudly Colombian, I describe myself as a dreamer, of good feelings, affectionate, good people, excellent sense of humor, optimistic, I love dancing all kinds of music, meeting people who like to talk about everything, I love reading, I am a professional photographer and Videographer. I love meeting people with good feelings with projections and goals in life, winners and without fear of risk, positive and open-minded people who have a big heart and who love their family,” said Ivan Morales for Hollywood World.

Hollywood Insider Interview with Ivan Morales of Innovation Media Productions

Hollywood World: How did your photography career begin and where are you now?

Ivan Morales: I started 10 years ago in New York, I studied photography and television production in Manhattan and now I am working in large magazines in the city as a photo director and working on several television projects and music videos.

I am a Systems Engineer by profession, I worked in several multinationals such as McGraw-Hill Companies, Corona and GNC as manager for several years, I have worked as a photographer for several magazines in New York, Miami and I am currently General Manager of the company INNOVATION MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, dedicated to the realization of television commercials, film and music videos, commercial photography, social events, and production of events nationally and internationally.

Hollywood World: What attracted you to photography?

Ivan Morales: I have always liked being with people I am very spontaneous, fun and direct, I love entertainment and entertainment and I think that helped me a lot to continue in this race.


Hollywood World: What kind of photography do you mainly photograph?

Ivan Morales: I love photography of people, social photos and commercial photos.

Hollywood World: Describe your photographic style? How did you develop your style?

Ivan Morales: My photographic style is directed directly towards people.

Hollywood World: Do you also make your own picture for interesting ideas or projects? Can you share the inspiration behind this?

Ivan Morales: Of course, I like to develop interesting ideas and projects in my career.

Hollywood World: Could you share a little about any project or recent work that you have worked on that has been especially entertaining for you?

Ivan Morales: Of the most important projects that I have made is the coverage of great prizes at the national level such as billboards, Latin billboards, Grammy Latin among others.

Hollywood World: In your idea, what makes a good photograph?

Ivan Morales: A good photograph is made by the photographer, then the composition of the light, the environment and of course a good camera with an excellent lens.

Hollywood World: What equipment do you have in your Camera Bag? What accessories do you use?

Ivan Morales: I have a lot of equipment that I work with, cameras, lenses of various kinds, flashes, lights, tripods, microphones, monitors, drones and everything necessary to do a professional job.

Hollywood World: What is your goal and why?

Ivan Morales: My goal is to continue doing a good job and that my clients are satisfied with the final result.


Hollywood World: What has been your greatest achievement?

Ivan Morales: Work in large magazines and be the photographic director of them.

Hollywood World: What has been your most memorable session and why?

Ivan Morales: Photographing Jennifer Lopez and having my picture appear on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine for several weeks.

Hollywood World: besides photography, what else do you enjoy?

Ivan Morales: The production of videos and planning social events.

Hollywood World: Is there a place you would like to visit to take photos?

Ivan Morales: Sure and many places I dream to go and take spectacular photos, Russia, Japan, Paris, Dubai, Australia among others.

Hollywood World: What are your future goals and aspirations?

Ivan Morales: My goal is to remain the best and do my job well with a lot of responsibility, integrity and respect towards the client. I would like to work in the biggest magazines in the world such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, hello in Spain, among others.

Hollywood World: Do you have any photography advice for any aspiring photographer?

Ivan Morales: My advice would be, you can always when you propose, study, practice and be loyal to your work and profession, be fulfilled and do things well and with much love.



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