Hollywood Insider: “Uma” directed by Alain Maiki to release in Venezuela

Founding member of Epic In Motion, Corp. With over 20 years of experience as a producer and musician, Alain began at a young age by diligently watching his father write poetry and songs. Through these early lessons, Alain Maiki learned a great deal about complex song composition which them lead him to become a music producer as well. However, it was ultimately his move to the United States that truly allowed Alain Maiki to develop his diverse outside of music. His passion for the film industry and to work on music scores as well as original compositions for several indie films. Alain Maiki next decided it was time to get hands on with great stories, scripts, and a visual production team to lead them as a director in order to bring together his unique experiences of music and video/film.

To this date, Alain Maiki has produced and directed numerous music videos, short films, and 2 feature films to his credit. His most prolific film “Devuélveme La Vida”, produced & directed by him, was released in 2016 in Venezuela and has received film festival’s nominations and awards across the globe. Currently showing on Cable TV “STARZ ENCORE” his debut feature keeps reaching its audience while Alain continues his passion to make more film with great stories. His new film “UMA” as mentioned above is repeating the success, only this time, bigger and broader across the globe, with more than 14 awards to this date and 20 nominations.

“Uma” is now ready to be released in 2018 in Venezuela theaters, among other countries afterwards.

“Hope” is the latest (short-Documentary) project he leaped onboard, considering the importance of the theme of helping a community in need like the Puerto Rican community during the tough times after hurricane Maria devastated the island. He collaborated on both the mission and the capturing of the moments to share it around the world and bring consciousness to society.

Alain is working on new stories for feature films and documentaries to bring it to the big screen in the next years to come.

Alain 3

Hollywood Insider Interview with Director, Producer and Writer Alain Maiki

Hollywood World: What was the most significant decision in shooting your current film “Uma”?

Alain Maiki: The toughest decision was the location… Budget is always a barrier but I took my chances and we shot the whole film in Italy.

Hollywood World: What part of the script/story best stood out for you and why?

Alain Maiki: The unconditional love in the story is always an appealing thing to me because it is what we all perceive in theory, although not necessarily can be true in real life scenario. Love is great and beautiful when unconditional, but we have lost tolerance in relationships in the 21st century. You know what I mean. Lol

Hollywood World: Without giving it away, tell us a little bit more about the characters and the lead actors.

Alain Maiki: The Character of Alexandra Braun “UMA” is the toughest character with the stronger and more complex arc. She goes through every emotion and situation a person could go through, and she must deliver if she wants to save Leo. Will she save him? You need to watch and find out yourself…

Hollywood World: How do you bring this story to life while staying true to your vision as director?

Alain Maiki: The Story is Romance/Drama with a touch of suspense. I stayed true to myself and how I wanted to tell the story by adapting the script to the real scenarios. Example: Location. The Lead actress and actor are from Venezuela, and location was decided to be in Italy, so we adjusted the script that they were there on vacation and the other one working on a job, and by chance, when they met, they happened to both be from Venezuela. So, the language was in Spanish and some Italian, depending on the situation, such as in real life would occur.


Hollywood World: What excites you about this project?

Alain Maiki: The fact that came out good, great reception among different audiences, and the multiple awards so far received among a few international film festivals. With that said, UMA has already began to open more doors to bigger, more ambitious films to come. One especially we are currently working on with our script writer Mark Hefti.

Hollywood World: What other works are you most proud of?

Alain Maiki: I am just proud to be able to tell stories through motion pictures and to be able to do what I love… As long as I keep learning and growing perfecting my craft, that is more than enough to me.

Hollywood World: What films have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why?

Alain Maiki: I love many films, but to mention a few, I love Monster Ball, Monster, 7 pounds among drama, and I love suspense action like Bourne, Taken, Equalizer… I am a romantic too so I love The Notebook, Titanic and La La Land to name a recent one.

Hollywood World:  What do you do to enhance the collaborative process when working with actors, screenwriters, producers and others creative members?

Alain Maiki: I try to be honest with them and give them liberty to bring their ideas on board. We have technology, we can playback, we can rehearse and have a visual review of how their characters are developing and becoming so to speak. I am a pusher and I will push them to higher heights but, I try to let them know always they are doing a great job, even when I want to try something else… Do you know what I mean? Lol

Alain LagoDiComo

Hollywood World: What experiences have you learned from in life? How did that change you and your creative process and the way you go about making films?

Alain Maiki: I have a music background, so the film making process and mood and emotions and readings of scripts, including post productions always have notes and tempo and rhythm. I have to feel all of that and make sure it has a correct rhythm.

Hollywood World: How do you see your role as a filmmaker?

Alain Maiki: As a director, my role is to tell stories that are compelling and the challenge will be as I gain more exposure to make sure my stories are more compelling to the broader audience as well. 

Hollywood World: Which film festivals that you have been part of would you recommend to other filmmakers looking to screen his/her films?

Alain Maiki: Burbank International Film Festival, Monaco Film Festival, IFFI in India, Milano Filmmaker Film Festival, Utah Film Festivals are great festivals to be part of. 

Hollywood World: Do filmmakers have any responsibility to culture? What message do you want to convey with your films?

Alain Maiki: I love drama, and it is a genre that suits me right now for my upcoming stories. I try to have a good story with a good message. Not necessarily a happy ending, but for sure a good positive message.

Hollywood World: What other hobbies do you have?

Alain Maiki: I play the guitar, golf every now and then, and love travelling. 

Hollywood World: What do you want to be remembered for in life? What valuable lessons have you learned that helped you become the person you are today?

Alain Maiki: Stay focused on one thing makes you a happier and better person. Never give up and always and only do what you love. Otherwise, at some point in life you will start regretting why you didn’t pursue your passion. I am lucky to be stubborn to do only what I love and not for the love of the money… Lol 

Hollywood World: What are your top five principles of success?

Alain Maiki: Dream, Work hard, Focus, Never Give up and Perfect your craft.

Hollywood World: What’s next?

Alain Maiki: 2 big projects, already in English language. Scripts are being written as we speak. One will be in Europe, the other one in USA. We are at very early stage but it is looking awesome what is about to come.

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