The Red Rose Review: Giorgio Kolaj steals the show in this thrilling drama

Movie: The Red Rose

Star Cast: Giorgio Kolaj, Besim Murati, Vera Djonovic, Anton Sugumar, Enkelejd Mezini, Marko Caka, Gerald Murati, Julian Biba.

Director / Writer: Julian Biba, True Venture Films

Duration: 20 minutes 09 seconds

As expected from a Julian Biba film of True Venture Films, “The Red Rose” is beautiful, thrilling and gripping at the same time, and here’s the full review.

Starring Giorgio Kolaj, Besim Murati and Vera Djonovic in lead roles, the Red Rose is definitely worth a watch, for its stellar performances, visual brilliance, and great storyline.

STORY: A dream in common leads a man with PTSD to save a politician’s life, whose enemies are too close for comfort. Based on fiction and pure imagination, once again writer and director Julian Biba proves that he is the master of storytelling. The collaboration with the powerful trio Giorgio Kolaj, Besim Murati and Vera Djonovic gives us the visual extravaganza that carried this short film through.

Giorgio Kolaj’s interpretation of “Mr. Haruni”, portraying the political elite from the Balkans vising US, is no less than magnificent and spectacular at every scene, until climax and the finale. Kolaj was very natural on the big screen and he knew precisely how to bring out the exact emotions at the right time in every scene. The lines were delivered so powerfully, that leave you with an unforgettable impression.

The narration, with the exception of the bar scene between Anna and Ben which seemed a bit slow and off-direction, the rest was fast, quick, interesting and it keeps you engaging, wondering where the story will take you next. Then you are hit by one surprise after another. The writer Julian Biba really knows how to charge up the audience mood with this short thrilling drama. The movie is unpredictable, and the twists really capture the essence of the writer’s superb writing and directing talent.


ACTING: With a tour-de-force cast – Giorgio Kolaj steals the show. Giorgio’s stellar impersonation of “Mr. Haruni” gives you a taste of being tough yet suave. He will surely leave you spellbound. Both steeling the scenes and dominating the show, his performance keeps the film interesting, grabbing your attention in every second. Giorgio Kolaj is clearly the real star of the movie and completely owns “The Red Rose”.

Another great actor who stood out in “The Red Rose” is lead actress Vera Djonovic in the role of “Anna”. Entertaining, secretive, seductive and yet friendly enough to engage her targets, Anna knows just exactly how to hide secrets and does her best to complete the given missions. She brilliantly portrayed the double character on screen, with a cunning twist in the end. The character of Anna is exposed beautifully in the plot.

Besim Murati perfectly depicts the role of “Ben” the security officer, who is working in a church event that Mr. Haruni is attending. Marko Cakaj’s character “Rifat” is quite intriguing, slowly revealing his intentions throughout the story, keeping the audience guessing what’s next. Anton Sugumar lightens up the mood with this funny and friendly character smoothing things over between Anna and Ben. Anton played a great role in the depiction of “Divit” as a trust-worthy friend.

A pleasant surprise in this film is Enkelejd Mezini, in the role of “Father Frrok”, who is brilliant in this film. You loved his calm and confident portrayal of the priest. He looked very convincing in this role, and his performance pulled you in.


MUSIC: Overall the background score blends well, and it highlights the right moments that are shocking, a surprise or in anticipation.

“The Red Rose” is not your stereotypical movie. Director and writer Julian Biba knows how to take risks film after film to surprise his audience every time. First he did it in “Paftuar” (Uninvited) followed by “The Red Rose”.

Overall the movie is very interesting, gripping, yet at the same time I wish the film would have been a little longer to have developed the characters of Anna and Rifat even more. The Red Rose is definitely worth to watch. The film has a riveting plot, great performances, an intriguing story, skillful direction to make the viewer wish for more. Every performance of the star Giorgio Kolaj in this film is worthy of mention.

Don’t get shocked if Giorgio Kolaj sweeps away all the awards along with the director/writer for this film.




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