Hollywood Insider: Exclusive Interview with Josh Mak

Australian indie-band “Cynation” released new music video “Dancing Devil”. The music video itself has a cinematic feel and it depicts society’s attitude toward objectifying women. Comprised of Josh Mak (vocals and guitar), Simon Lai (guitar), Andrew Teo (bass) and Aaron Mak (artistic director/videography) Cynation is gearing up for their next EP and touring next year. 

This is like a dream come true. To film a MV and with these bunch of professionals is just mind blowing. It’s tiring but it’s worth it and totally appreciative of these guys putting their full effort and work out there,” said guitarist and actor Simon Lai for Hollywood World Magazine.

It was tiring but fun. The guys filming and helping out where awesome,” added bassist Andrew Teo.

Hollywood World Magazine with Cynation’s Josh Mak

Hollywood Insider: When was Dancing Devil released?

Josh Mak: Dancing Devil single was released in July 2017. The music video was shot in December 2017 in Australia and was released in January 2018.

Hollywood Insider: Describe the concept and the making of the music video?

Josh Mak: We wanted the video to expand on the lyrics and it was paramount to have a narrative feel to it. We didn’t want to do just another “music video”. It was important for us to have the video look and feel cinematic.

Hollywood Insider: What stands out to you from the song and the video of Dancing Devil?

Josh Mak: The song serves the video as much as the video serves the song. We strive to express our art through all possible mediums. Be it music, film or cover art. It’s just all part of who we are as a band.


Hollywood Insider: Who is the team behind this project?

Josh Mak: This project was made possible thanks to the hard work and contributions from several local independent artist. We are extremely grateful to the dedication and level of professionalism everyone brought to the project.

Hollywood Insider: What was it like working with the music director Aaron Mak?

Josh Mak: Aaron Mak and I worked very closely on this project. I’d come up with ridiculous ideas and he’d always find a way to make them possible. He’s as much a part of the band as any of the musicians and I think this coming together of music and film is something that is pretty unique.

Hollywood Insider: What is the best thing that ever happened to you while shooting the music video?

Josh Mak: Meeting incredibly talented individuals and most importantly having so much fun that not a second of it felt like work to us.

screen shot 2017-12-29 at 10.55.33 am

Hollywood Insider: What do you feel is missing in entertainment today?

Josh Mak: I feel that boldness and originality are missing these days. Often choices are made for financial reasons instead of artistic. Of course there needs to be a balance as with all things. It’s a scary thing doing something different when you are unsure how it will be received. But that’s what I feel keeps art exciting and fresh.

Hollywood Insider: What areas would you like to explore in the future?

Josh Mak: Any facet that is true to who we are will be of interest to us. We generally only explore things that we feel a connection with and these include film, writing and fashion.

Hollywood Insider: What are you next plans.

Josh Mak: At the moment we are finishing the recording of our EP, shooting for the next music video (Go Louie Go) will begin in May and plans for touring next year are in the works.

screen shot 2017-12-29 at 11.50.03 am

*Photos courtesy of Aaron Mak, Ethan Vivier and Nathan Silva

Hollywood world spring 2018 cover


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