Actor, Director, Producer Robert Dominick Jones on his next project “Mrs. Fitzgerald Is Missing”

A native Brooklynite, Robert Dominick Jones was one of the original members of the famed Everyman Theatre Company of Brooklyn. Founded by Iconic Actress Geraldine Fitzgerald and Brother Jonathan Ringkamp, this troupe was the premier Street Theatre company in the 1970’s. They performed original musicals including “Everyman and Roach”, “Elena”, and “Mister Esteban” as well as the Classics at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Lincoln Center, and Summer festivals in parks and city streets. He is honored to have studied at The Stella Adler Acting Conservatory during this wonderful time.

He also workshopped with Judith Malina and Julian Beck of The Living Theatre. He performed numerous plays with The Everyman Company as well as other productions at great venues in New York City.

After a stint in the U.S.Navy in the mid-seventies, Mr. Jones headed west to venture into film and television where he continues to work on stage and screen as an Actor, Director, and Producer. He has appeared in over 40 Network TV Shows and films He is the CEO of 2 Bald Guys Productions, Inc. Their current episodic drama, “Mrs. Fitzgerald Is Missing”, is now streaming on Amazon Video. He also teaches acting for the camera with his coach and mentor, Brian Cutler.

Robert Dominick Jones

Hollywood World Magazine with Robert Dominick Jones

Hollywood World: What do you love about the role that you are currently playing?

Robert Dominick Jones: My character in “Mrs. Fitzgerald is Missing”, Lt. Alex Miigs, is a bad cop with no moral compass which the opposite of who I am. I get to play this guy who does what he does to survive.

Hollywood World: What is the storyline about?

Robert Dominick Jones: The basic storyline is a woman with early onset dementia is kidnapped by a cop in order to extort money from her husband.

Hollywood World: Who else is involved in this production, director, producer, actors?

Robert Dominick Jones: My producing partner, Dave Bean wrote and directed the episodes in season 1. He also plays the husband of the kidnapped woman. Megan Reinking (Boardwalk Empire) plays my accomplice. It also stars Judy Clement as Mrs. Fitzgerald and Ozzie Rodriguez as Sergeant Emilio Bustamente.

Hollywood World: What makes a good scene partner?

Robert Dominick Jones: A good listener and someone who likes to play in the moment.

Hollywood World: What are your favorite projects you have been part of?

Robert Dominick Jones: This project is very important to me as it is the first show we produced and we are proud to be on Amazon TV. I recently appeared in Shondaland’s new courtroom drama,” For The People” and also, “This Is Us”.

Hollywood World: How much experience do you have in field?

Robert Dominick Jones: I’ve been acting professionally since 1974. That is a long time.

Hollywood World: Describe your best quality as an actor?

Robert Dominick Jones: Whether I’m on a set or a stage, I am a professional. Meaning, all my homework is done and I’m ready to go when the director yells, “Action”. I show up on time and do my job.


Hollywood World: What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Robert Dominick Jones: Telling stories, bringing words on a page to life. It’s all I ever wanted to do.

Hollywood World: What have you learned from the directors that you have worked with throughout your career?

Robert Dominick Jones: Well, that depends. TV is fast-paced and the directors are mainly focused on camera placement, lighting, sounds, etc. Film and theatre directors have more time to explore characters and their relationships with each other. If a director has a relaxed set, it helps everyone play more in the moment. You can take more chances. Trust your impulses without stress. You need to be relaxed to create and play.

Hollywood World: From where have you learned acting? What training do you have?

Robert Dominick Jones: In the early seventies, I studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York. That was my basic training. We were taught everything from scene work to movement and speech/diction, etc. In Los Angeles, I’ve studied with Eric Morris, Steve Eastin and for the last 3 years I’ve been with Brian Cutler’s Actors Studio where I’m also an instructor.

Hollywood World: What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting?

Robert Dominick Jones: I guess my biggest achievement is that after 40 plus years I’m still doing what I love and I love what I’m doing. I’ve worked in all facets of the business and I still get excited every minute I’m on a set or stage.

Hollywood World: What other types of movies would you be interested in filming?

Robert Dominick Jones: I haven’t really worked in comedies. I’m usually cast as a cop, bad guy, or lawyer. I would love to be in a RomCom.

Hollywood World: How do you see your role as an actor?

Robert Dominick Jones: Well, at this stage, I’m a character actor. I usually get hired for a show as a supporting player. I’m happy with that.

Hollywood World: What was your most memorable role? Why? 

Robert Dominick Jones: I have to say that Lt. Alex Miigs in  “Mrs. Fitzgerald is Missing” is a great character.  Dave Bean wrote this specifically for me. It is blast to play this guy.

Hollywood World: What is your secret?

Robert Dominick Jones: I don’t really have a secret. But, for those who don’t know me, I was an investigator for 30 years to support my acting habit.

Hollywood World: What other hobbies do you have?

Robert Dominick Jones: I read constantly. I love very good wine, so I try to visit wineries in Santa Barbara or Paso Robles as often as I can.

Hollywood World: What makes you feel like a star?

Robert Dominick Jones: I never think like that. I just want to work to tell stories. 

Hollywood World: Any tips about how to be a successful actor?

 Robert Dominick Jones: Train, love it, and never give up.

Hollywood World: What do you want to be remembered for in life? What valuable lessons have you learned that helped you become the person you are today?

Robert Dominick Jones: I want to be remembered as a good man and a hard worker. 

Hollywood World: What’s next

Robert Dominick Jones: Season 2 of Mrs. Fitzgerald is currently in production.

Robert Dominick Jones

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