Mrika Krasniqi, Female Role Model that inspires Corporate Leadership

From politics to sports to films, 2018 has been a triumphant year for women in the world stage. Women are setting the agenda across the many fields, inspiring true role models to girls everywhere.  A New York native, Mrika Krasniqi is a powerful female voice who has been influential by virtue, sheer courage, intellect and hard work. 

Businesswoman Mrika Krasniqi is using her influence to guide her on humanitarian projects that are close to hear heart – social issues, human rights, environment and women rights. She launched her own NGO, to shed light on topics that aren’t discussed in a meaningful way in mainstream media. As co-founder of Different NGO her projects have highlighted human rights, anti-domestic violence, anti-trafficking of human beings, in cooperation with USAID, UNDP, OSCE, US Embassy, etc.

In cinematography Mrika Krasniqi has cooperated with  international film studios, including ZoneX, Imagine-Picture, IDFA, Nil Production, and National Geographic.

Mrika Krasniqi
CEO Mrika Krasniqi (Photo by Avni Selmani)

Mrika Krasniqi is considered one of the top successful female entrepreneurs and filmmakers in New York. With over 20 years of experience in the film industry Krasniqi has made a mark for herself within the country and overseas. In the world of entrepreneurship, she exhumes confidence, intelligence, leadership, passion and fearlessness that have paved her success pathway.

Today Mrika Krasniqi is the role model for the new generation women across New York and the world. Named “Woman of Year”, “Best Human Artist”, “Ambassador for Peace” and “Best Director” are some of her prestigious accolades for her business achievements, inspiration to corporate leadership and film industry.

Mrika Krasniqi is an award-winning filmmaker and candidate of several international events and film festivals including Cannes, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Zagreb, Tirana, Prishtina, etc. Mrika Krasniqi is the Founder of Nil Production, International Filmmaker Festival of New York, New York Albanian Fashion Week.


Woman of the Year by U.S. Congress, Senator Charles Schumer

Best Human Artist by the European Community of Jewish Artists in Paris, France

Ambassador for Peace Award, Universal Peace Federation

Best Social Documentary, NYI FF, USA

Best Organizer, One World, Kosova

Best Historical Documentary, Los Angeles Film Festival, US

Best Production, New Poland Film, Poland

Best Director, DOCU Independent in Freiburg, Germany

Cannes Festival, Soldier Documentary by Mrika Krasniqi, Nil Production

About New York International Filmmaker Festival

Launched in 2012 in New York, the International Filmmaker Festival of New York is designed to advance the film culture and is open to all established and aspiring filmmakers from around the world. Organized by Nil Production, the festival has gained popularity for its high-quality show, the Red Carpet experience, Awards Gala and the VIP presence during the opening ceremony.

The festival opens in New York on Friday, May 25, 2018 and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 29, 2018.

Mrika Krasniqi, organizer of International Filmmaker Festival of New York, SVA Theatre 2017 (Photo by Innovation Media New York)

*Cover Photo by Avni Selmani


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