Candidate for California Klement Tinaj weighs in on education and economic reform

Klement Tinaj is one of the Democratic candidates who launched the campaign for the 2018 California gubernatorial election. The primary election will be held on June 5, 2018, where the top two will advance to the general election on November 6, 2018

CEO, School Owner, Educator and Artist is the youngest candidate for Governor of California in 2018. At only 27 years old Klement Tinaj has contributed immensely to building the community in California and improving the educational environment for young kids. He hopes to become the voice and vision of all Californians.

Tinaj’s platform focuses on equal access to education and calls for investment and support for after school programs such as STEAM, STEM, libraries and museums. His proposal on improving jobs and economy proposes “a new vision to bring back jobs to all Californian’s by investing in infrastructure, technology careers, education careers, entertainment, clean water and air, farms, general careers and raise the minimum wage to $15 now and not in 2022.” Human trafficking, immigration, housing, budget, the homeless, are some of the other issues highlighted in his 2018 platform.

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I opened Klement Tinaj Foundation or KTF to help feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and educate the needy. I know what it takes to solve the problems of the homeless who are struggling with mental health issues, physical illnesses, and addiction. As Governor I will get all single parents, kids, and veterans into the care system, which includes shelters, permanent housing, and support services,” said candidate Klement Tinaj.

Gubernatorial candidate Klement Tinaj is giving it his best shot for victory. He is promising to bring the needed change to protect and support all Californians.

I want to be the voice and the change for the people of California. We need to create more jobs for the working class, improve our schools, more affordable housing, better transportation, build more water reservoirs, and free college tuition for all Californian students, is my top priority,” added Klement Tinaj.

Vote Klement Tinaj this June 5th, 2018!  (

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