Marlyssa Binns on her latest film “Bridges”

Hollywood Insider Interview with Marlyssa Binns

Hollywood World: What is the most difficult obstacle about producing a film you wrote?

Marlyssa Binns: The most difficult obstacle about producing a film I have written learning to accept the fact that everyone will not see the vision. I have learned to stay true to my vision of how I see the film being brought to life. It’s my responsibility to show not tell them.  

Hollywood World: What part of the script/story best stood out for you in ‘Bridges’ and why?

Marlyssa Binns: The entire script has particular reasons on why it sticks out to me… after all it is based on true events. I do have to say the tear jerking part is the cemetery scene. The character Lalani finally goes back to her mother’s grave site and literally has a melt down.

Hollywood World: Without giving it away, tell us a little bit more about the characters and the lead actors in “Bridges”.

Marlyssa Binns: Sure…  some of the characters are…

Skylar (Main Character) 25, is Lalani’s closest child hood friend.  Silly and bubbly personality and she has Lalani’s back to the fullest.

Naomi (Support Character) 26, is Lalani’s cousin on her father’s side.  Naomi has always secretly been in competition with her cousin.  With attempts to steal boyfriends since they were young Naomi has always fallen short and could not really compare to her cousin which fuels her jealously.  But she remains close for her advantage.

Jacob (Support Character)- 27 met Lalani at a coffee shop and has been love struck ever since, but he won’t admit it with his actions. He vows to make Lalani his even if that means dating her cousin to stay close to her.

Lalani (Main Character)- 29 who can have some unconventional ways.  She is on the brink of some life changing advances that will catapult her and her friend’s lives to the platform they have only dreamed about.

The rest of the cast will be introduced Feb 2018 during our ad campaigns.

Photo by Rachel Burchette

Hollywood World: How do you bring this story to life while staying true to your vision as writer and producer?

Marlyssa Binns: Bringing the story to life while staying true to my vision is a must. For this very reason I make sure I don’t have too many hands in the pot so to speak. I write the meat of the scripts. I will examine the draft version and point out areas that need improvement. Then I will seek out an individual to add to the parts I feel needs another person’s perspective and or touch. This way by me being the creator of the script from the beginning, I can stay on the right course and ensure the vision is kept accurate.

Hollywood World: What excites you about this project?

Marlyssa Binns: What excites me about this project is the fact that I am opening up myself to the audience on some very real issues. I have been encouraged by the rise of the less fortunate, the lowly, and the individuals who face some extreme adverse situations. ‘BRIDGES’ will be tools of encouragement and motivation for people all around the globe and that is extremely exciting.

Hollywood World: What other works are you most proud of?

Marlyssa Binns: My ‘baby’ I am most proud of which was written in 2014 I call it ‘KINGDOMS’. ‘KINGDOMS’ is my most exciting script yet. This film will draw in the audience while helping them mentally elevate their imaginative ladder. This film will open up insights of the mind and dimensions for years to come.

Hollywood World: What films have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why?

Marlyssa Binns: The Matrix, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe are some of the films that inspire. These films always get my creative wheels rolling.

Hollywood World:  What do you do to enhance the collaborative process when working with actors, screenwriters, producers and others creative members?

Marlyssa Binns: To enhance the collaborative process when working with other creative members I like to maintain flexibility. I believe it is important to know that in this business things can change daily with projects. Learning how to coast the waves during collaborations are important. Everyone isn’t for you, but the right people always get in position at the right time.


Hollywood World: What experiences have you learned from in life? How did that change you and your creative process and the way you go about making films?

Marlyssa Binns: I am still experiencing life so I have not fully learned all I can. However, so far I have learned that anything worth having is worth fighting for. The ability to have so much belief that you launch out and don’t go back is something most people don’t prepare for. There will be issues, there will be back stabbing, there will be betrayal amongst other things. And you will make mistakes, sometimes more than once. These things I have experienced help effectively and accurately express my emotion in a script. My creative process isn’t with each project. However, my angle is consistent and that is to be as authentic as possible when it comes to expressing emotion. The audience will know authenticity when they see it.

Hollywood World: How do you see your role as a screenwriter, producer, and actress in your projects?

Marlyssa Binns: I see my role as a screenwriter, producer, and actress like I view rainbows. Individually each color is beautiful, but it wouldn’t be a rainbow without more than one beautiful color. I am more than what someone could ever label me as and I won’t be put in a box.

Hollywood World: Which film festivals do you plan on attending in 2018 and which ones would you recommend to other filmmakers looking to screen his/her films?

Marlyssa Binns: We will be distributing ‘BRIDGES’ internationally, but some of the festivals we will be submitting and or attending are ones like the Santa Monica Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, BFI Future Film Festival, Sundance, and the Long Beach Indie International Film & Music Festival.

I would recommend each filmmaker to do their research and make sure the festival fits their idea being mindful of the audience you plan to reach.

Hollywood World: Do filmmakers have any responsibility to culture? What message do you want to convey with your films?

Marlyssa Binns: Filmmakers most definitely have a cultural responsibility. The messages FavHer Productions will convey will be authentic, relevant, encouraging, and motivating.

Hollywood World: What other hobbies do you have?

Marlyssa Binns: My other hobbies are working out, listening to music, traveling, relaxing at the beach or pool side, and doing fun activities with my daughter.

Hollywood World: What do you want to be remembered for in life? What valuable lessons have you learned that helped you become the person you are today?

Marlyssa Binns: I want to be known for my ‘Dare to Believe’ attitude. Most people say they believe in their dreams but when they aren’t making the progress they thought they would in the time they assumed they give up. I don’t give up on my dreams, I chase them.

 Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned in this field is how to fall gracefully but even better how to overcome triumphantly. There is more joy when success comes after a fight, struggle, or adverse situation that threatened the dream in the first place.

Hollywood World: What are your top five principles of success?

Marlyssa Binns: My top five principles of success are Passion, Persistence, The ability to see one’s self already successful before the manifestation, The ability to be ok with not having a bunch of people around you 24/7; distractions are real and people can be the biggest distraction. And Lastly Faith.

Hollywood World: What’s next?

Marlyssa Binns: FavHer Productions has some fundraisers approaching come January 2018 that we are extremely excited about. ‘BRIDGES’ begins filming spring of 2018. I am currently developing another concept for our next few scripts. But you will have to tune in to find out more.


*Cover photo by: Latoya Taylor



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