Prada most mentioned fashion brand in TV series

The Italian luxury fashion house Prada is the most mentioned brand in popular TV series., a Dutch platform for high-end fashion, analyzed over a  hundred TV series and gathered data about the most often mentioned fashion brands. In all series combined, Prada was mentioned 50 times.

Prada most mentioned fashion brand

With over 50 mentions, the Italian fashion house Prada counts the most mentions in popular TV series. Gucci (47 mentions) and Chanel (46 mentions) are also among the most mentioned designer brands.

Remarkably absent in the top 50 of most mentioned brands is Hugo Boss, even though Boss was, up till the late nineties, one of the most popular fashion brands in the world.

Brands and the City

In the SATC-episodes that were analyzed in the research, Winkelstraat counted 126 fashion brand mentions. On average, an episode of SATC contains 1.4 mentions of a fashion brand or -designer. Ugly Betty (117 mentions / 1.3 mentions per episode) and Gossip Girl (77 mentions / 1.1 mentions per episode) follow Sex and the City’s brand mentioning pace at a distance.

Most mentioned brands in series for female audiences

Out of the twelve TV series with the most fashion brand mentions, only one does not target a mainly female audience. This exception, 30 Rock, attracts a fairly equal mix of male and female viewers. The 11 other series, among which Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and Gilmore Girls, are typical women series.


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