Burial Park enjoying success with new single “The Phantom”

Burial Park  a hard rock band from New York formed in 2008. The band is composed vocalist Rich Rampage, guitarist Giorgio LaCorte, guitarist John Keane, bassist Jesse Colliton and drummer Dave Colliton.

Burial Park is known for their complex compositions, eclectic harmony and whimsical lyrics. Burial Park started performing at local venues in 2010 amongst many benefit shows in support of Alzheimer’s, cancer and Down syndrome. They moved up to headline their first big sold-out show at The Studio at Webster Hall Studio in NYC. Later that year, B.P. entered a Battle of the Bands contest for a chance to play at the Mayhem Festival, coming in at 2nd place. “We haven’t come this far for us to be let down” is the motto of Burial Park; also known as the lyrics from their song “Unlovely”. From their continuous hard work and success, Burial Park was offered to play numerous shows at Starland Ballroom in NJ, sharing the stage with national bands such as D.R.I. and Powerman 5000.

 In June 2013, B.P. released a three song EP as a preview of their twelve-song album. Burial Park’s released their self-titled debut album July 27th, 2013 following a concert at Santos Party House in NYC with metal band Straight Line Stitch on the same day.  In 2017 Burial Park is now signed by Beat Author Records with another full album in production.

 Burial Park: all it takes is just one listen…

Hollywood Insider Interview with Burial Park

Hollywood World: Tell us about your career as a musician. How did your career unfold to where you are today?

Burial Park: We have been a band for about 10 years now. We started playing original music right off the bat. We worked hard to create our sound and our self titled Burial Park album. Playing shows throughout the New York/ New jersey area generated our fan base. This led to us getting signed to Beat Author Records.

Hollywood World: How would you describe your current sound and music?

Burial Park: We have a hard rock and metal sound. What is great is that we all have complete freedom of our expression and influences, so we could really be heavy at times, but you will hear a combination of our softer sides.

Hollywood World: What inspires your music? Do you write your own lyrics? 

Burial Park: Our original lyrics and sound are inspired by the our life experiences as well as the changing world around us. We are also inspired by the greatest musicians that we listen to, they’ve paved the way for our unique sound.

Hollywood World: What instruments do you play? 

Burial Park: Our equipment includes gear from ESP, Schecter, Gibson, Taylor, Paul Reed Smith and Yamaha drums.

Hollywood World: What are you currently working on? 

Burial Park: Currently, we are in the process of writing and recording our first full length album under the Beat Author Record label. Our first single Horror Heart was just released on November 11, 2017 under Beat Author Records.  Our second single “The Phantom” is set to be released on December 16, 2017.

Beathe Author EP Photoshoot-8

Hollywood World: What has been a career highlight so far? 

Burial Park: First off being signed to Beat Author Records has been a huge milestone for us. Also, playing at two iconic stages, Starland Ballroom in NJ and Webster Hall in NYC.

Hollywood World: What’s your favorite piece of music and why?

Burial Park: Right now we are in the writing process. So far, our favorite piece of music would be a song called ‘Embers and Smoke.” This piece highlights our metal dark side and our melodic side.

Hollywood World: What are your main inspirations and greatest influences?

Burial Park: We’re influenced by all musical genres. From classic rock, heavy metal to pop, hip hop, and raggae. It’s a love for all music.

Hollywood World: What cities, stages, concerts have you performed at? 

Burial Park: We have played in New York City headlining Webster Hall, we realeased our first self titled album at Santos Party House, Bowery Ballroom and the Gramercy Theater. We have played in New Jersey at Starland Ballroom opening up for Powerman 5000, DRI and also played for battle of the bands. Our most recent show was at the Beat Author Concert at the Blue Room in Secaucus, NJ.

Hollywood World: What charities or artistic organizations are you a part of? What are the benefits?

Burial Park: We’ve held benefit shows for Alzheimers, cancer,  Down Syndrome. Our next show on December 16, 2017 is at the Blue Room in Secaucus, NJ for Toys For Tots charity event held by Tim McMurtrie’s Tripsquad Productions.

Hollywood World: Are there any artists you would like to work with? Do you have any favorites?

Burial Park: Working with any artist is inspirational because there is so much to learn. However, working with Atreyu or Avenged Sevenfold …. would be a dream come true.

Beathe Author EP Photoshoot-3

Hollywood World: How many albums/songs have you releases so far? 

Burial Park: We have released an EP and a self-titled Burial Park album. Our latest single “Horror Heart” has just been released on all music platforms and streaming apps.  Our second single “The Phantom” is set to be released on December 16, 2017.

Hollywood World: Tell us about your music education.

Burial Park: Rich had some theatre training as a kid but dropped it all when he join his first Rock band when he was 15.  We are all pretty much self taught.  We honestly all have minimal “music education.” It all comes from the heart and soul.

Hollywood World: What is your next goal as a musician?

Burial Park: To have people hear all of our hard work and dedication that we are putting into our album and to play in front of our supporters and fans.

Hollywood World: What other hobbies do you have? 

Burial Park: Playing Football, baseball, Hockey, collecting vintage action figures and exploring the great outdoors.

Hollywood World: What makes you feel like a star?

Burial Park: That moment when the crowd sings the lyrics to one of our songs, looking out and hardly recognizing anyone in the sea of people.

Hollywood World: Is there anything else you can tell us about yourself, your career, or your music profession. Any memorable moments? 

Burial Park: What we’ve learned through our time working with music is to stay humble and keep putting out music that moves you.  This business can be harsh and we always want to stay true to ourselves and who we are.

Hollywood World: What’s next?

Burial Park: We’re excited to get into the  with our audio engineer, Jonathan Comis (JMC Recordings). We can’t wait to lay down the ground work for this album !

Thank You for this opportunity. We all appreciate you guys over at Hollywood world magazine !!!

Beathe Author EP Photoshoot-4



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