Joni Latifi on Realistic Movie Performances

Truly great actors are born, but it takes training and commitment to become recognized in the entertainment industry. It took great ambition, talent and the ability to create characters with depth for actor Joni Latifi to find his way to Hollywood. Currently pursuing acting at the renowned Stella Adler Academy in New York, he hopes to hone in his skills and talents that will pave his way to a successful career ahead. 

I am currently working on a very interesting project called ‘Buster’ where I play the lead role. The film is written and directed by the wonderful Leandro Gualdi, whom I met at the New York Film Academy. I have tried to play characters that are different from others. ‘Buster’ has been one of my favorite roles to play because it is challenging in the rational-emotional sense and it requires a strong mental and spiritual state of mind to truly capture the character. I have been very true to the character, said Joni Latifi, the lead actor of ‘Buster’.

With this film I want to show the most intimate chains that bound us within our own freedom. And in doing so, to affirm that there’s no action or attitude that doesn’t justify its own existence, stated Leandro Gualdi, the director and writer of ‘Buster’.

I was very happy to get the call after the audition and that the director trusted me for this leading role. In Buster, the character is very intriguing, full of twists and unexpected turns. He has suffered great trauma and lives alone with his mother, locked up in a world of depression, self-abuse and feeling hopeless. This has a profound impact of how Buster views himself, who is contemplating daily hurting himself. A very dark character that shows that if we allow negativity to take control of our lives, you can become immune to feeling or showing love, and fall in some very risky behaviors. I am looking forward to continue working with director Leandro Gualdi and I am eager for the public and the festivals to see it when it’s out,” said Joni Latifi for Hollywood World Magazine.

Joni Latifi has shown his raw talent and creative imagination in other roles such as in “Winner winner chicken dinner” and in “Aquarium”. He can play difficult roles and be stunning on the screen. He has the ability to make a character very realistic and create emotions by fully immersing himself in the role. Whether it is drama or comedy Joni Latifi has earned the reputation to play the lead role in any genre.

In order to stay true to the character as an actor you have to have the instinctual understanding to know what techniques to use when performing. You have to be very devoted to prepare for the role so you can portray believable and natural characters. And you have to dig deeper into the character to make it more realistic, convincing and powerful. I get inspired by many things in life and try to adapt those experiences to the versatility of roles that I am interested in playing, said Joni Latifi.

On the set of ‘Buster” with Joni Latifi

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