Michael Moloi’s New Video, “Spirits, Inner selves awakened”

Michael Moloi is one of the powerful artists in dance and performance industry, whose love for dance has led to a very successful career. Choreographer, Art Director, Performing Artist and Designer Tumelo Michael Moloi was born in 1981 in the notorious apartheid-era township of Katlehong, south-east of Johannesburg, South Africa. Michael displayed an amazing talent for sports, arts and dance at a very young age. He began his dance career at age 16 as a member of the highly acclaimed South African dance company Via Katlehong. Michael and the dance troupe performed a mix of the street dance forms known as pantsula (South African town dance) and gumboot (mine workers). 

In December 2006 Tumelo Michael Moloi joined Cirque du Soleil, world’s most famous acrobatic troupe. Michael Moloi was noted for his outstanding performance as “Sugar Plum Fairy”, a role he played for eleven years for the highly successful production of Beatles LOVE show.

His magnificent performance attracted notable celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Denzel Washington, Fergie, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Donald Trump, Antonio Banderas, Cameron Diaz, etc. In 2012 Tumelo Michael Moloi played a lead in the highly acclaimed feature-length documentary “All Together Now”.

In 2008 Tumelo Michael Moloi founded NALEDI Design Company. Michael Moloi handcrafts for artists custom made and unique handmade jewelry and art pieces made from leather, metal, wood, gem stones, beats, copper, brass and recycled materials. His custom design furniture is the cutting edge mix of African, industrial, earthy and modern styles. In 2013 Tumelo Michael Moloi was honored with “Top Artist Design Award” for Naledi Design in the category of “Awards in Extraordinary Talent” by the prestigious NY Elite Magazine.

Tumelo Michael Moloi is the winner of several prestigious awards including Dance Umbrella Award, Gauteng Dance Showcase, KTV Most Brilliant Achievement and Gauteng MEC Development Award. His noted appearances include America Got Talent, Jay Leno, Grammy Awards (50 Years Celebration), FIFA World Cup Promotion, Vodacom Promotion, Music Care 2012, NASCAR 2012, Baseball Dodgers Game 2011, Nkululeko (10 Years of Freedom in South Africa), All Africa Games, World Summit on Sustained FNB Vita Dance, Development, etc.

In the following eclusive interviwe with Hollywood World, Michael Moloi talks about his new video project “Spirits” Inner selves awakened.


Hollywood Insider Interview with Michael Moloi

Hollywood World: What is your life philosophy? What makes you YOU?

Michael Moloi: Life is only yours if you truly believe it’s yours and was given to you to live it. I am a vibration in an empty space, I am load and soft, I speak my mind and I lesson. I fail and forget and when I win I hold. I live in space and time and time that does not exist. I lesson with my heart, I see everything as art and truest in good of the people.

Hollywood World: What inspires you to dance? What message do you want to convey? 

Michael Moloi: My inspiration is music, sound and pure silence.  I guess my massage is if anyone lesson closer to the silent they will hear music that will move you from inside and if you lesson between music or sounds you will find silence that takes your breath away. this goes with everything in life.

Hollywood World: What is your latest video “”Spirits” Inner selves awakened” about? What do you want others to know about it? 

Michael Moloi: The video is about inner spirits or souls, connection and awareness. when I propose the idea to my friend, I was having these deep thoughts of my grandmother as a living spirit that was sent to guide me through this life and when she pass I sometimes feel like I see things through her eyes and I started questioning everything.  The project is about two young living spirits our (daughters) one from the earth and dust and one from the sea and water. These two spirits were sent to wake us after life. These older/revived spirits are having difficulty coping with the presence and are battling inner/deeper connection, finally they develop a sense of awareness and understanding of energy moving within themselves.

Hollywood World: Who is the talented team behind the making of this video? 

Michael Moloi: CAMERA Taras Shevchenko, George Maria, Samanth Vinil, Ghislain Malardier. MAKEUP Chatchai Duangrudeewasat, Dasha Sobelman. COSTUME Michael Moloi. ARTIST Ghislain Malardier, Kiani Maladie-Jean-Bart, Naledi Kerrigan Moloi, Michael Moloi.

Hollywood World: What is something that keeps you strong when facing challenges? 

Michael Moloi: Fear, I am afraid to disappoint people there for I make means to do best as I can.

Hollywood World: What are your favorite projects you have been part of?  

Michael Moloi: Nkululeko show was the first one. the show was about celebrating 10 years of freedom from apartheid. 2nd is my one-man show called MISFIT directed by EUGIN BRIM. It is about having control of your mind but not your body. 3rd is SPIRITS it’s about inner self and awareness.  4th is a GUMBOOTS THROUGH  THE EYES OF MICHAEL MOLOI this short film has so much potential in to a movie but we needed money to go to south Africa and film it and make it in to a movie. my recent one is THE LIVING ART it is about an art painting that is living, this project was made successful by the artist in the Beatles love show by Cirque du Soleil and it is a project that I wrote, design and directed with true desire and potential to an hour show.

Hollywood World: What are your personal goals?

Michael Moloi: To perform, to direct, to create shows and art but mostly to remain a true artist.


Hollywood World: Describe your best quality as a dancer? 

Michael Moloi: I am a fire that explode in to energy. I am not just a dancer but a performer and move feelings when I perform.

Hollywood World: What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Michael Moloi: I get to heal people in some ways, I see myself as a super natural Madison man when I am on stage. I believe that people come to watch show because they want to escape their reality or to feel or forget something for a while and just be there.

Hollywood World: What was the most memorable experience you had while on tour?

Michael Moloi: I was in France performing in a city called La Vilette and all first row were people with limited abilities in wheel chairs,  by the end of the show almost all of them tried really hard  to stand up during standing ovation and to continue that they stayed for about 45 minute to an hour  after the show for meet and greed. THE IS NO PRICE FOR THAT.


Hollywood World: From where have you learned how to dance? What training do you have? 

Michael Moloi: I think I was born a dancer, my mom bought me shoes almost every month because I destroyed last one during family gathering on Saturdays in my grandmother’s house. like every kid in south Africa I first leaned from the street but everything changed when I joined Via Katlehong dance organization, I become more disciplined.  I started with pantsula dance then gumboots dance, street tap after that, African to a circus performer.

Hollywood World: What has been your biggest achievement as a dancer?

Michael Moloi: My biggest achievement has been gaining an experience and understanding how to create and also perform on stage.

Hollywood World: What specific movements are your signature?

Michael Moloi: Crazy

Hollywood World: How do you see your role as an artist? 

Michael Moloi: Inspire young and sometimes old generation.

Hollywood World: What music accompanies your dance? Any preference?

Michael Moloi: Anything beat tribal and anything emotional.

IMG_5677 (1)

Hollywood World: What is your secret?

Michael Moloi: Running, I can control my thoughts and energy.

Hollywood World: What other hobbies do you have? 

Michael Moloi: I like to design and make jewelry and create art and paintings.

Hollywood World: Who is your role model?

Michael Moloi: My grandmother, she thought me how to be a man and most of all she thought me how to view things in life.

Hollywood World: What makes you feel like a star?

Michael Moloi: When I touch someone deep inside I feel like a star not a star with fame and all the money but the one that shines the light.

Hollywood World: How do you define success? Any tips about how to be a successful?

Michael Moloi: I think we are all successful when we find peace in our wish or in our accomplishment.


unnamed (1)

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