“Plates on Fire” TV Show Announces Debut Date

The first 10 episodes of Season 1 of the much-talked-about TV Show “Plates on Fire” is set to debut on many known US networks this October – December 2017. The show is created by Joe Viramontez. Produced by award-winning filmmakers Greta and Vilma Zenelaj of Colored Films, the show will soon unveil its celebrity judges. It is worth the wait. 

The show has the recipe to success – an entertaining competitive show, with the chance to win the National Championship “PLATES ON FIRE AWARD” and bringing elite chefs competing to bring awareness for a charity of their choice.

We are on the look out for Plates on Fire starting this October 2017 and predict it’s going to be the most entertaining cooking competition show for 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 8.23.42 PM
Award-Winning filmmakers Greta and Vilma Zenelaj

Hollywood Insider Interview with Greta and Vilma of “Plates on Fire”

Hollywood World: What do you love about your cooking show?

Vilma: It’s an exciting show with firefighter competing for their favorite charity. What is not to love about firemen? Men want to look like them, boys want to be firemen, and women want to date firemen. We believe this show will bring all the family to the screen. And especially that firefighters in US and Canada are considered heroes and rightly so. They risked their lives daily by saving others.

Hollywood World: Who are the judges and chefs?

Greta: We are still in the selection/audition process but want to have a great chemistry between the judges and firefighter chefs. We like the idea of them communicating with each other throughout the show and helping each other out.

Hollywood World: What are some recipes that have impressed the judges?

Vilma: The roast beef sandwich was a hit when the pilot was shot as well as the breakfast dishes.

My wife and I
Plates on Fire Host, Joe Viramontez with this wife

Hollywood World: Tell us about your recent projects and what else are you currently working on?

Greta: Plates on Fire has our full attention right now, but we are working on a true story film, where we meet with interested parties and discuss the possibilities of making the film, as well as developing an app.

Hollywood World: What are you passionate about in life? What is your secret to success?

Vilma: My relationship with God and I enjoy helping others when they are in need. My life passion would be to make films about true stories on how God touched people’s lives and made them better. There are so many of these stories that need to have been told already. The secret to our success is persistence and looking at the possibilities that many miss on daily basis.

Hollywood World: What are some of the challenges that you have encountered and what is your advice for overcoming them?

Greta: Challenges are many but for us knowing that we are in the right place at the right time and that God has a plan for us, keeps us focused and encourages us to keep moving forward. You need to have a very thick skin in this industry especially when you’re a woman.

Hollywood World: What is one piece of advice you rely on your day to day life?

Vilma: Having positive support has been one of the things that has kept us going. We have each other but also our parents believe in our vision as filmmakers and we have great support from our church and friends that want us to succeed. Also our faith and relying on God daily.


Hollywood World: What were some of the biggest lessons that has impacted the way that you work?

Greta: We try hard to listen patiently and carefully and not to jump into conclusion. We exercise patience with everyone and give them the benefit of the doubt. Help can come from where you least expect it.

Hollywood World: Other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Vilma: My relationship with God, I would not have been here if it wasn’t for the grace and love of God. I would have given up long time ago, but I know that I know that we are called for such times as these to make a change for the better.

Hollywood World: What are your plans for the future?

Greta: The sky is the limit. We have so many other TV shows that are waiting to be made as well as two scripts that we are working on. As soon as we’ll finish filming Plates on Fire we’ll switch gears to making a film. It will be fun and exiting.

Plates on Fire

with the crew




Picture 3



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