The 10 hottest restaurants in Europe right now, from Paris to Berlin

We give you the 10 best restaurants in Europe’s grandest and greatest dining experience. One of the best things about traveling from Paris to London, Prague, Tirana and Berlin is the variety of cuisine, the quality of ingredients, the hospitality and the fine dining offered along with the cultural entertainment.

Hollywood World Magazine presents you with the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Europe right now including the most beloved and highly visited restaurants as well as the newly emerging hot spots. 

1. Daroco, Paris, France

In Jean-Paul Gaultier’s former atelier space and flagship store is the city’s most fashion-forward Italian trattoria, with an eye-catching mirrored ceiling, turquoise marble table tops, and soft navy blue banquettes. Order a plate of antipasti and a craft cocktail to start and follow with one of its generously-garnished pizzas. Request a ground floor seat to be within eyeshot of the open kitchen. (Lindsay Tramuta, Eater)

2. 893 Ryōtei, West Berlin, Germany

You’ll slip inside a scene straight from Blade Runner, just for a second, while you look for an entrance to the mirrored and graffiti-covered facade of 893 Ryōtei. Find it though, and you’ll enter the newest kingdom created by legendary Berlin restaurateur Duc Ngo (famous for iconic eateries like Kuchi, Cocolo Ramen, and Madame Ngo). Brace yourself for a night of Asian fusion cooking in the shape of a Japanese-inspired menu with the occasional Nikkei addition, extraordinary sushi, and plenty of sake — all with West Berlin’s coolest people sitting at the table next to you. (Per Meurling, Eater)

3. Mullixhiu, Tirana, Albania

Chef Bledar Kola certainly matches his talent with his kind personality. I have had the pleasure of meeting Chef Bledar Kola two years ago when I visited him in Albania. I learned about him and his culinary talents on social media. I was very much impressed with his new restaurant Mullixhiu in Tirana that he opened in March of 2016.

It is such a unique concept that integrates real mills, fresh baking on premises, innovative dishes that re-interpret Albanin cuisine with utmost love and respect. The setting itself is absolutely gorgeous, a real visual feast, raw and warm. It was love at first sight, I had to photograph it. (Ilir Rizaj, NY Elite Magazine)

4.  Black Axe Mangal, London, UK

Nick Solares, host of The Meat Show heads to London’s Black Axe Mangal for a new-age, multi-cultural meat experience. Chef Lee Tiernan has cooked at some of London’s most high-end restaurants, but now he’s breaking out and creating a fusion cuisine all his own — by leaning on his passion for British cooking tradition and drawing inspiration from London’s plentiful immigrant communities. Tiernan describes his menu as “spicy interesting, salty, smoky, and meaty.” The kitchen doesn’t shy away from bold flavors, or unusual cuts: Heart, kidney, and all sorts of organ meats regularly grace the menu. (Nick Solares, Eater)

5. La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise, Prague, Czech Republic

On a romantic back street in Old Town, this culinary shrine won one of the Czech Republic’s three Michelin stars for its unique style of parading precious locally sourced courses to the table, ranging from snails with leek to carp in almonds and boar nestled in juniper. The small dining room, overseen by star chef Oldrˇich Sahajdák, also decants the finest local pinots and sauvignons. (Will Tizard, Telegraph)

6. Pizzeria Kebab SoleLuna, Genoa, Italy

Pizzeria Kebab SoleLuna in the Nervi district of Genoa. Embedded in the fishing community just off the the remote yet angelic coast of the Nervi district of Genoa, this Italian restaurant ticks all the right boxes. Famous for its pizza and kebabs, the internal decor features some of Naples’s most famous faces, including a certain eccentric footballer. Naples is famed for its beautiful, chaotic ambiance, so in a northern Italy city that holds a close bond with its southern counterpart, a beautiful balance is struck. One can dine here well for around €20. The staff are serious about their food and there is plenty of great beer and wine to accompany the best pizza in Genoa/Naples. (Jason O’Callaghan, The Guardian)

7. Piz Boè Alpine Lounge, Alta Badia, Italy

8. Diner in the Sky, Athens, Greece

Dinner in the Sky takes you to heaven, while the nightlife of Athens “awakens”. As the table slowly rotates you get views ranging from the sculpturally lit Acropolis, the surrounding mountains, the sea and of course the Athenian cityscape. An extraordinary culinary proposal in the center of Athens welcomes you! A table for 22 people, along with experienced chefs who are preparing a 5 course menu, lifts you up to 50 meters and offers once in a life time experience over the city.

9. Caru’ cu Bere, Bucharest, Romania

Caru’ cu Bere is a classic among local restaurants and is one of the most photographed venues in town. Dating back to 1879, it offers a feast for the eyes with its stunning interior décor. The combination of dark wood, vaulted ceilings and gilt elements conjures up memories of the city’s golden age. The restaurant is a genuine celebration of the beer culture and one of the oldest breweries in Bucharest. The menu features many traditional dishes such as bean soup, mix grill and a Romanian cheese platter. (Kirsten Noben, The Culture Trip)

10. Puro, Pristina, Kosovo

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Puro Restaurant. Everything was handled with efficiency and attention to every detail was given. I’ve been in many restaurants all around Kosova and abroad and I can for sure say that a restaurant with such a high level of service, beautiful and relaxing atmosphere is hard to find nowadays. But yes we have it here in Pristina! Delicious food, great atmosphere, nice music, everything on time.All in all, a perfect stay! (Zana, Trip Advisor)


*The cover photo by Ilir Rizaj.

*This story is featured in the Summer/July 2017 (Issue 3) of Hollywood World Magazine.

July Issue 3 Hollywood World Magazine




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