Antonio Kowdrin to star in Fabrizio Favilli’s “Il Gioco Della Vita”

Well-known actor and model Antonio Kowdrin is becoming a household name in Italy after becoming successful starring in feature films. His popular credits include lead roles in “Villa Triste”  by Fabrizio Favilli and “Shadow” by Jotti Ejlli.

Kowdrin has established himself as one of the up-and-coming great actors of the big screen, who is admired for his passion and the convincing portrayal of the roles he plays. He has enjoyed both immense popularity and critical success.

“I was 15 years old and I remember going to the cinema with my friends to see a movie for the first time. I was fascinated with the actors and fell in love with the movies! I love medieval, thriller, dramas. I have learned throughout my acting career that as an actor you must have self-confidence, passion and be humble in order to succeed,” said Antonio Kowdrin for Hollywood World Magazine.

Hollywood Wood Magazine attended the premiere of “Shadow” at SVA Theater during NYAFW Film Festival and was impressed with the lead actors of the film, namely: Alfred Trebicka, Genti Kame, Kastriot Shehi, Egla Ceno and Antonio Kowdrin. The superb cast delved deeper in the characters  by using their cores, psychology and cognitive intelligence to achieve realistic and convincingly portrayals.

Currently Antonio Kowdrin is preparing for his next leading role in “Il Gioco Della Vita” (The game of life), directed by the great Italian director Fabrizio Favilli. The film is based on a true story and it will feature some very famous locations, including Venince, Florence, Sanremo, Montecarlo, Saint-Vincent, and the Caribbeans islands. It’s being talked about that three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis may possibly make a ‘cameo’ appearance, including other Hollywood surprises.

“I am looking forward to working with director Fabrizio Favilli again, whom I admire. I have the greatest respect for him. You can have an intellectual conversation with director Favilli about art and I have learned a lot from his feedback. He is true to his own vision. I am also thrilled about the cast, working with some great Italian co-stars,” added the talented model and actor Antonio Kowdrin.



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