Why Ibër Deari is the Filmmaker to Watch

Ibër Deari is a visionary director who dreams to be nominated for Oscars. The Hollywood World Magazine predicts that he will be nominated in the near future for Best Director or Best Foreign Film. Ibër Deari is one of the most unique filmmakers coming out of Macedonia whose projects have been successful and have received recognition internationally. Most recently he snubbed three awards at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York for Best Film and Best Director for “A Long Way Home” and “Land”. 

This also points out that more deserving filmmakers are coming from Europe and the Balkan region who meet the Hollywood and the Academy’s standards. Given Deari’s outstanding directorial Ibër Deari is among the strongest contenders. We look forward to him pushing the envelope while thinking outside the box for meaningful art.  We can not wait to see what he will do in the future.

Deari’s films excel at all levels of artistic craft and as a director he surely stands out. He knows how to fully realize the artistic vision from inception to screen in a very powerful, memorable and engaging way. Deari brings a diverse array of talents in filmmaking and is celebrated for his outstanding contribution to cinema.

U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo Tracy Ann Jacobson presenting the Best Director Award to Director Ibër Deari

Ibër Deari is the winner of numerous prestigious international awards, including: Best Artist in Macedonia from Milingona e Artë; Best Film for “Between Paradise and Hell” from Gässli Film Festival in Basel, Switzerland; The Audience Award for Best Film for “Last Confession” at New York Albanian Film Week in Manhattan; Best Director and Best Film for “My City Screams” at the Nine Eleven Festival in Prishtina, Kosovo; Best Short Film and Best Director for “Land” and Best Director for “A Long Way Home” at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York in Manhattan.

In an interview for NY Elite Ibër Deari says that movies are both art and industry “made by the hands of a dreamer to create art, and the hands of a dreamer to make a living”. Deari says that a movie should carry a message for the public regarding a particular issue, and this completes the director’s mission. He quotes Austrian director Gustav Deutch, “The movie is – a movement, light and darkness, instrument, material, moment, mirror, fun, magic, writing and language, emotion and fear, document.”  


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